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Old 03-14-2010, 12:43 PM
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Post Community Update 03/14/10

Community Update for 03/14/10

Update Overview:
  • Recent Announcements
  • TC News
  • Object Restructure
  • Staff Comments
  • Quick Stats
  • Closing Words


Recent Announcements
*Wanted, IRC Moderators: We are looking for a few community volunteers to help with IRC moderation, especially if you live in the following time zones: Europe, Australia/Pacific, Asia, Africa, or Late US. Please see the original thread and follow the directions if you are interested in joining the EMU Team!

*We are still looking for a few Volunteer Support Helpers to assist their peers in #swgemusupport. Please email Odwill@swgemu.com with the following information if you are interested in helping out!
Forum Name:
Character Names in Game:
Times available to help in IRC: (including timezone)
Days usually available:

*We are open to hearing from new Developers. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel up to challenge! Contact: Ramsey@swgemu.com for more information.

TC News
Originally Posted by Ilipah
Greetings fellow testers. As GMs with SWGEmu, it is our job to make sure the testing environment is as conducive to testing as possible. A few problems we have encountered as of late are AFK grinding and spamming. This includes regular spamming and macro spamming. There also seems to be a slight influx of the use of inappropriate words, mainly that of racial slurs.

I would like to remind you all that the afore mentioned activities are against our Rules and Policies.


3.11. You will not perform AFK camping of a spawn, NPC or cave. Camping is defined as repeatedly hunting a lair, spawn or NPC in succession. TC allows a single account and multiple connections, therefore using multiple toon instances to create a chain of characters and "out damage" other players is considered AFK camping. There is only one toon actually operated by a single player and all successive toons are considered AFK camping. All toons in such instances are subject to disciplinary actions. Obviously, this camping rule does not restrict all multiple game instances. For example, it is acceptable for two game instances to be operated by one player where one instance is an AFK crafter sampling ground resources and the other is a combat character that is being played At The Keyboard.

3.1. You may not harass or threaten other players (sexually, racially, or otherwise). Final determination of player infraction and severity will be made by a CSR. This includes but is not limited to: Hate Mongering, Sexual Abuse. Harassment, Training, Fishing and Spamming.
3.1.1 Harassment is defined as any unwanted or unwelcome behavior beyond the limits of good taste, civility and appropriate game context.
3.1.2 Training is defined as pulling/leading a hostile NPC or creature along behind you and attempting to get it to attack another player who does not desire that engagement.
3.1.3 Fishing is defined as deliberately wandering into the "visibility" radius of a jedi to make BH terminals produce Jedi missions for waiting a BH that are present at the mission terminals so that the BH can hunt the same specific jedi over and over.
3.1.4 Spamming is defined as excessive and inappropriate use of spatial communications, i.e. emote spamming, excessive hawking or tip spamming. Rule of thumb, once every 8-10 minutes is plenty for hawking an item. Note: excessive numbers of hawkers in an area may be @kicked by a CSR.

Please follow our Policy and Rules and your testing experience will be as smooth as possible.
OR News

Code cleanup and restructuring continues as planned.
  • Oru is fine tuning the Engine and testing a new concurrency control technique.
  • Kyle and Thoop are continuing work on the Resource Manager.
  • TheAnswer is working on the in game mail system and the bazaar.
In addition, starting professions now generate items with all of the correct stats on character creation. Progress is steady and we are all excited as we move closer to internal testing of the OR code.

Staff Comments
Originally Posted by TAfirehawk
Now that we are nearing Quality Assurance internal staff testing of the OR, the QA Department is being reorganized to better fit the needs of the Community and the Devs. Right now we are NOT asking for new QA applications but at some point (when business picks up) there will be a public announcement requesting apps with all of the details on the new department structure.
I would like to thank all of you still testing on Nova and reporting issues on Mantis. When the OR reaches Nova, we will update Mantis and archive all the current issues so the Devs and QA can use all of your great feedback/input.

TAfirehawk, Quality Assurance Manager

Quick Stats 02/12/10-03/12/10

Developer Code Commits: 38

Average Web/Forum Daily Hits: 6263
Total Web/Forum Hits: 187,878
Total Users who used the Website: 41,812

Average TC Daily Logins: 686
Total TC Logins: 206,076
Total Users who used the TC: 20,553
Total TC Character Count: 57152

Closing Words

Although "the light at the end of the tunnel" may appear dim at times, we want to reassure the EMU community that we will complete our goals here. There are bumps in the road and mistakes are made but our commitment to all of you is stronger than ever. The entire Emu team would like to thank our great community for your participation and continued support of the project. In the words of Elbert Hubbard, "Constant effort and frequent mistakes are the stepping stones of genius."

SWGEmu Test Center Director

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SWGEmu -e- Support Support@swgemu.com
SWGEmu is a non-profit, open source community project.

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