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Old 08-08-2010, 10:46 PM
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Arrow Quality Assurance Team Update

I would like to provide the Community with an update from the SWGEmu Quality Assurance Team.

We have been extremely busy behind the scenes as well as other departments on the SWGEmu Team. After a very long "vacation" while Oru and TheAnswer wrote the start of the Object Restructure, we are now filling out the QA Team and doing a lot of testing. The list of new additions are listed below along with the org chart showing everybody else too (full forum staff listing). I would like to thank the new and current QA Team members for their volunteer work on this great project

New QA staff
Tigerfang: QA Crafting Supervisor
Tyler Durden: QA Marksman Leader
Jear: QA Medic Leader

New Community Tester Team (CTT) non-staff

Object Restructure Testing Items
This is taken from the public SVN updates listed on Trac Timeline. Please note that these things are not fully functional and not fully tested.

Login Server - Account and Character Creation/Deletion
Zone to Planet
Resource Spawns
Fishing Mini-Game
Character Builder Terminals - Blue Frogs
Bank Safety Deposit
Admin Commands
Duel, endduel commands, attack inflicts damage
Intimidate1, melee1hlunge1, melee2hlunge1, polearmlunge1, unarmedblind1, unarmedhit1
Unarmedlunge1, unarmedspinattack1, unarmedstun1
Intimidate2, melee1hbodyhit1, melee1hdizzyhit1, melee1hhit1, melee1hlunge2, melee1hspinattack1
Melee2hheadhit1, melee2hhit1, melee2hlunge1, melee2hlunge2, melee2hspinattack1, melee2hsweep1
Polearmhit1, polearmleghit1, polearmlunge1, polearmlunge2, polearmspinattack1, polearmstun1
Unarmedlunge1, unarmedlunge2
Surveying and Sampling
Berserk1, berserk2
Working shuttles and starports
Kneel/prone attacking
createCreature command
Armor encumbrancies
Center of Being
Dizzy falling
Message of the Day
Burst run
Player House Deeds
City Building Deeds
Harvester, Generator, Factory deed
Repair vehicle at Garage
No build zones
Crafting Tool
Crafting Stations
Survey missions on Artisan terminals
Survey events
Crafting add/remove ingredients
Crafting Experimenting
Crafting Customization
Component Crafting
Weapon Crafting
Armor Crafting
General missions
Actionshot1, bodyshot1, bodyshot2, diveshot, fullautosingle1, headshot1, headshot2
Kipupshot, legshot1, legshot2, mindshot1, overchargeshot1, overchargeshot2
Pointblankarea1, pointblanksingle1, rollshot, suppressionfire1, warningshot
Unarmedbodyhit1, unarmedcombo1, unarmedcombo2, unarmeddizzy1, unarmedheadhit1
Unarmedhit2, unarmedhit3, unarmedknockdown1, unarmedknockdown2, unarmedleghit1, unarmedspinattack2
Actionshot2, burtshot1, burstshot2, chargeshot1, chargeshot2, cripplingshot, fullautoarea1
Fullautoarea2, fullautosingle1, fullautosingle2, legshot3, scattershot1, scattershot2
Suppressionfire1, supressionfire2, wildshot1, wildshot2
Melee1hblindhit1, melee1hblindhit2, melee1hbodyhit2, melee1hbodyhit3, melee1hdizzyhi2
Melee1hhealthhit1, melee1hhealthhit2, melee1hhit2, melee1hhit3, melee1hscatterhit1
Melee1hscatterhit2, melee1hspinattack1, melee1hspinattack2
Polearmactionhit1, polearmactionhit2, polearmarea1, polearmarea2, polearmhit2, polearmhit3
Polearmleghit2, polearmleghit3, polearmspinattack2, polearmstun2, polearmsweep1, polearmsweep2
Melee2harea1, melee2harea2, melee2harea3, melee2hheadhit2, melee2hheadhit3, melee2hhit2
Melee2hhit3, melee2hmindhit2, melee2hmindhit2, melee2hspinattack2, melee2hsweep2
Bodyshot2, bodyshot3, disarmingshot1, disarmingshot2, doubletap, fanshot, healthshot2
Multitargetpistolshot, pistolmeleedefense, pistolmeleedefense2, pointblankarea2, pointblanksingle2, stoppingshot
Concealshot, flurryshot1, flurryshot2, flushingshot1, flushingshot2, headshot3, mindshot2
Pointblanksingle2, snipershot, startleshot1, startleshot2, strafeshot1, strafeshot2
Tumbletokneeling, tumbletoprone, tumbletostanding, aim
Cone and dot combat commands
Special Attack Costs
Factory Crates
Commoners - NPC's
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